Product Information

SinSlip Solution is formulated to increase the slip resistance of most tile, stone and mineral surfaces in wet conditions both indoors and outdoors.

A clear chemical, that when applied microscopically transforms the surface structure of the tile.  The solution creates tiny channels that allow the water to be displaced under your feet and will increase the traction of the surface.

When walked on these channels act like thousands of tiny suction cups displacing water and creating a vacuum effect from the pressure of the foot, ultimately making your floors slip-resistant.

The texture change is so small that it will not hold dirt or debris and because it is not a coating it will not wear off. It can be applied on ceramic, porcelain, quarry, terrazzo and granite.

A major advantage of this product is that it can be applied out of hours and the floor can be put back to use immediately. This means: No Down Time – No Loss of Revenue and No More Worries.

SinSlip – A permanent solution for your slippy and dangerous floors

Who Can Benefit?

Domestic Applications for SinSlip

Domestic Applications

If you have an area you have already identified as dangerously slippy when wet, don’t wait for an accident to occur – Act now!

Commercial Applications for SinSlip

Commercial Applications

At SinSlip we understand the importance you place on the safety of your staff and customers, so we offer a number of FREE services

Holiday Rentals safety by SinSlip

Holiday Rentals

We know that the safety of your Rental customers is paramount to you, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.